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The latest headlines about the Trump Casino Robbery have focused on one suspect – Earl Dennis. In three separate robberies, the subject has approached the coin redemption window while brandishing a handgun. The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. The alleged robber is a former poker dealer who was brought to the US from Ghana. The robber was arrested in July 1999 and was identified as Jamal Michaels.


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The incident happened at 10:20 am on a busy weekend, when the resort city was packed with vacationers. It is the first armed robbery and shooting to occur in the region in 16 years of legalized gambling. The robbers allegedly shot and killed a casino employee who was slumped over on the floor. Another robber, who fired one shot, fled in a different direction, but was tripped up by a vacationing policeman.

The arrest of two men reportedly prompted the arrest of the other three suspects, Vincent Nelson and Eugene Wilder. They were taken into custody without incident. After the robbery, they were released on bail and charged with the crimes. The other two were arrested at other locations in Atlantic City. During the robbery, one of the suspects took a gun and shot himself, but did not take the officer’s bullet. The suspects were later released on bail.

While it’s not known who the robbers are, police say the robbers were in and out of the casino in about an hour. The crime occurred during a busy holiday weekend and the casino floor is large, with over 60,000 square feet of space. The robbers took advantage of the employee’s slump and fired shots. The gunman then fled in a different direction, but was tripped by the vacationing policeman in a nearby area.


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The robbers escaped with about $5,000 from the coin redemption window. A second suspect was arrested on Monday and charged with conspiracy and robbery. The robbers also left behind an ID card with which the employees could verify their identities. The alleged robbers are being held without bail in the United States. They were arrested on Friday. It’s still unclear whether any of the five are guilty of the crime.

The robbers were wearing ski masks and were wearing a black-and-white mask. The employees were reportedly able to spot the suspects using closed-circuit television. They allegedly jumped the floor, stole money and fled with the cash. The four robbers are accused of stealing about $55,000. They are also being held on bail pending their arraignment. The robbers are suspected of killing the employees and then robbing the casino.