Tembak Ikan

How To Play Tembak Ikan Online

This article we make especially for you new Players tembak ikan and tembak ikan players that until today still have not been able to get the maximum benefit while playing. Hopefully our discussion this time can enable you to win while playing with.

But so far many people who play with this game, Most of them have not managed to get the most advantage while playing. That happens because those players don’t know how to play this game properly and don’t know what activities should not be taken.

How To Gain Money In Playing Tembak Ikan

Shoot The Nearest Fish

Playing is to not shoot fish that are far away from you, why is this? This is because in the event that you take a fish that’s far from you, the chances of defeating it are extremely tiny. Because these fish will surely be the goal of players that are closer to fish. So it’s better if you take the fish that are nearer to you.

Switch To Right Weapon

In this game You’ll Be provided with Many options of weapons, ranging from small to large. Each type of shot features a price that you have to pay for each shot, the larger the shot you take, the more expensive the cost to cover. Therefore don’t let you shoot the small fish with a huge gun since the gains that you get are not in accordance with the costs that must be paid.

Focus On Shooting One Fish At A Time

Players is that they never concentrate on shooting the fish and have a tendency to shoot with the origin of the fish they see, this is highly discouraged and should never do it. We recommend that you focus on 1 fish which you’ve selected and beat first then shoot another fish.

Tembak Ikan
Tembak Ikan

These are the tips that which you should not do while playing the tembak ikan game. Hopefully once you follow the hints you can gain additional profits.