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What if online gambling addiction becomes too overwhelming? Recently there was an example of how unregulated gambling can cause serious problems for both the games and the businesses involved. One of the most popular games at the time was bingo; which was regulated by law. Unfortunately; many of the local Bingo halls had no regulation and were completely unlicensed. This meant that anyone who wanted to play could enter with whatever they wanted; regardless of whether they paid their taxes or not. This resulted in huge amounts of corruption; which resulted in many players being defrauded and then cheated out of their winnings.



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Indonesia has long been a place with much controversy surrounding its government; especially when it comes to the regulation of gambling. In Indonesia; a gambling entrepreneur can be prosecuted under a rarely used provision called the Sedition Act. The Sedition Act is used as a way for the Indonesian government to quash opposition to their form of government; namely through multiparty elections. This law can be interpreted to mean that any gambling activity carried out by an individual can be declared criminal and can in some cases have even led to the arrest and prosecution of the gambling entrepreneur.

Indonesia’s very own version of the Sedition Act has had more difficulties than it has had successes. Recently; there was an investigation in Bantay Sihanoukville by the Gambling Control Board; which found that five out of seven licensed gambling establishments in Bantay have been conducting illegal gambling activities. Gambling in Indonesia has not been legalized since 1957; so it goes without saying that the vast majority of Indonesian gambling activities are not legalized. However; this does not mean that the regulation of gambling is not in place. The Indonesian Gambling Commission is responsible for overseeing regulation of all gambling activity within the country.

As you can see; the Indonesian Gambling Regulatory Agency has some work to do in order to ensure that games are regulated and fair; and so that gaming companies can provide jobs to many people in the country. However; even though the Indonesian government seems committed to regulating casinos; they are quite weak when it comes to stopping the more dangerous forms of corruption that have taken hold in the gambling industry in recent years. If the Indonesian authorities do not take this issue very seriously; the potential for corruption will continue to get worse; and eventually lead to closure of the legalized casinos. This would be a real tragedy for Indonesia; which has been trying hard to become a leader in the global gambling industry. Luckily; there is one thing the Indonesian government can do: Pass a law that will severely curtail any activity that advances toward casino gambling; including any attempts at legalizing the industry. Hopefully; this will prevent any more problems from occurring and will ensure that everybody has access to safe gambling games.


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As one would expect; the Indonesian government has taken a rather hands off approach to the operation of the Indonesian Gambling Commission. They are content to allow the industry to exist; but do nothing to regulate or stop the illegal gaming that occurs. There are a few problems; however. First; the Indonesian government seems to be completely unaware of the fact that they even have a Gambling Commission at all. Second; even if they did have an official regulator; they seem to have no interest in regulating the gambling activities that take place on the secondary market.

Because gambling takes place on the secondary market; there are many opportunities for corruption and nepotism. An issue that is becoming more rampant in countries around the globe is the rise of organized crime and corruption. This is even more true with the online gambling industry where corruption can easily occur. This is why it is important for the local governments to step in and provide oversight of the Indonesian gambling activities taking place in their communities. If these local governments do not do this; the potential corruption within the gambling business could spill over into other industries and negatively affect those economies.