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A recent report by CNN exposes Trump Casino Crimes and the repercussions for the gaming industry. The gold-plated casino, which pleaded guilty to a series of violations, failed to implement proper money-laundering protections. A $10 million fine is a reasonable punishment for repeated violations, but it may not be enough to deter the future of such gambling operations. While the investigation is ongoing, more details are expected in the coming months.


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While Trump is not directly accused of any of the crimes, the fact that he has a long history of cooperation with law enforcement officials may be a factor. The former reality show host was willing to place undercover agents with the FBI in the 1980s. As a result, he was not prosecuted for his involvement, but he was later accused of cooperating with the FBI as they cracked down on organized crime in casinos.

As for the Taj Mahal, the crime rate increased by 86 percent in just two years. The incident occurred 16 months after a murder of a couple in another casino. In addition, there were an increasing number of criminal complaints from the parking garage at the Taj Mahal. Although Trump has pledged to prioritize national security as president, his opponents argue that he will only focus on the business of corruption. Regardless of the reasons behind this, his actions are clearly detrimental to America’s safety.

While the investigation continues, many rumors about Trump’s relationship to Russian mobsters should not be dismissed out of hand. A few reports say that he worked with Russian mobsters and oligarchs in the past. However, this is unlikely to be the case, as he has little knowledge of how the presidency works. Rather, he may have enough street smarts to know that the authorities are going to follow his trail.


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The investigation isn’t the only crime committed at the Trump Taj Mahal. It’s also not clear how many criminals visited the hotel. But there’s evidence of the mobsters’ presence in the hotel. This is the case for all casinos and casino crimes. Even if the crime doesn’t involve the Taj, the investigation shows that it was committed by a group of Russian mobsters. This is not an isolated incident.

Despite the controversy surrounding Trump, the alleged crimes aren’t surprising. It’s just another case of money laundering. There’s no evidence of collusion, but it’s not hard to imagine mobsters committing illegal activities in the casino. A recent Senate investigation revealed that Bogatin was a prominent member of the Russian mob in the New York area. His brother also ran a $150 million stock scam with Semion Mogilevich, whom the FBI considers the “boss of bosses.”