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The Philippine national police chief said there were no immediate signs of terrorism. The attacker is believed to be an English-speaking foreign man who stuffed gaming chips in his backpack and tried to flee the scene through the main complex. As the fire department reportedly stated, he also shot himself. The motive for the attack was unclear, but it is believed to be a botched robbery. The suspect’s nationality and motivation is still under investigation.


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The Philippine national police chief has claimed responsibility for the attack, but he has not yet confirmed it. The attacker was reported to have burned himself to death and left behind a suicide note claiming responsibility for the incident. The Philippines has already been on high alert for attacks from the Islamic State, but President Rodrigo Duterte has dismissed this claim. The Philippines has been under the threat of terrorist attacks since the military fought hundreds of Islamist militants in Marawi City.

The armed suspect, who is still at large, has not yet been identified. Authorities have not yet released details of the victims, who are mainly local residents and foreign tourists. However, there is a strong likelihood that the attacker had ties to the government of the Philippines and its international relations. The Philippines has been one of the most active contributors to the Paris Climate Accord, so if you’re a Filipino, this is good news.

The Philippines president has announced that the Islamist group claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Philippine national police have denied this. The shootings at the Manila casino caused massive smoke inhalation, and at least 36 people died as a result of suffocation. In addition, over 70 people were injured in the rush to escape. According to Resorts World Manila, there were 54 victims, including the suspected gunman. The shooting took place at the resorts World complex, close to the airport and an air force base.


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Although the government is struggling to identify the perpetrator, local police have argued that the shooter was the only fatality. The Philippine national police, however, say that the gunman had set the tables on fire, resulting in choking black smoke. The government has accused the militant group of causing the attacks and has refused to provide any additional information. It is unlikely to be the only culprit, though. In fact, there is no clear motive for the attack.

The shooting was an act of terrorism. The attacker, who is thought to be a Filipino, was identified as an English-speaking man with a moustache. The gunman was later killed in the attack, and the security guard was able to capture the suspect’s body. After the attack, the suspect fled the complex in his car, ignoring a security guard at the entrance. The gunman then walked right into the gambling area.