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Retro Vintage Online Gambling

With millions of Americans suffering from compulsive online gambling addiction; it’s no wonder that there are so many different gambling remedy options out there. According to the mathematical algorithm behind Urban Thesaurus; what are the top 5 most popular words for gambling? The list includes words like: cheats; swindlers; hustlers; tricksters; pied pipers; roll over and the all time favorite; “you’re lucky”. There are literally 6 41 other words or synonyms related to gambling that make up the list. Some of the words even sound downright ridiculous; like “bets”; “loan whores” and “croupiers”.


Retro Vintage Online Gambling

Most people who suffer from compulsive online gambling remedy addictions stick to the rules of the overall game.

In fact; bingo is probably one of the oldest games in existence; and even the origin of the game itself is uncertain. The game was invented in England and the game is called “bingo” is similar to the Modern Day game of” Solitaire”. However; many consider it more fun to play bingo online than gambling offline. As one would expect; the online version has taken over bingo from offline because of its convenience and ability to be played anywhere.

Another popular gambling term is “loan killer”. This is a term that is related to illegal activities done online; such as – identity theft; computer fraud; money laundering; drug dealing and many others. It has many variations such as – “credit killer”; “house breaker” and many more. The problem with the word is that it is very difficult to distinguish from a legitimate activity online; which is what many people often do when they are looking for illegal activities and credit killers.


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One good thing about online casino is that you can learn about your condition from an objective source.


The word “scam” is another favorite among many people who claim to be experts in online gambling. However; there is a thin line between a scam and being an expert in a given field. In most cases; the scam is a marketing term that describes a fraudulent venture where someone makes unrealistic claims or takes advantage of people by promising unrealistic goals. It can also be used to describe a set of activities or products where the outcomes are not foreseeable or controlled by the person doing the promoting.

In the case of gambling; many people also believe that they have achieved financial success overnight. Some people will hold parties and tell everyone about how much money they have earned after only a few hours of gambling. While this may be true to a degree; there is no guarantee of this because gambling takes time and practice. Successful players will also spend time analyzing the odds and other factors in order to increase their chances of winning.