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ONLINE CAPSA DRAWING CARD COMBINATION – Capsa Susun is a very popular game in various countries. This one game is played with concentration and calmness in arranging cards. Capsa stacking is a game using playing cards arranged by the player into the arrangement with the highest value, if the card line gets the highest value, it will be the winner.

This capsa susun game is known as sap sam cheung which means 13 (number of cards) in the game.

This game has spread and has its roots in our beloved country of Indonesia for a long time, because this capsa online  game is very fun and easy to play so that many online gambling players play this online capsa game. Each player is dealt 13 cards arranged into a combination of cards with different values ​​at each level of cards, cards must be arranged divided into three parts, each arrangement has a different value which will be determined the winner.

Basically, the top card is the card with the highest value, but it is not the same as the capsa card which has the lowest three cards at the top. Then in the middle as well as the bottom there are five cards in each level. The flower images on the card arrangement have different motifs, the spade is the highest flower and must be arranged at the bottom. For diamond flower is the lowest flower which will be arranged at the top.

The following is a combination of the highest value Online Capsa Susun Drawing cards

Royal Dragon is a perfect hand and is hard to get, because the arrangement of these types of cards must all be the same, the fix will win if you get this card.

Dragon is the second perfect card after the royal dragon card, the point of difference lies in the leaf. If a royal dragon card has a card with the same flower, it is different from a dragon that has an ordered arrangement but has a different flower. The only difference between the two cards is the development.

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Royal flush is a card arrangement in which there are five consecutive cards from number 10 to the highest number & the same flower.

Straight flush is five cards in a sequence from number nine to K; it can also be arranged from the US to number 5. In this arrangement must be of the same flower.

4 Of A kind is four of the same sheet also comes with another free card. If you find an opponent who has the same suit; winning is determined by the one with the highest card value.

Full House is a deck of cards equipped with 3 cards of a kind and 1 pair; the value of the full house card is determined by the value of 3 of a kind. If the full house arrangement is against a straight card then the full house wins the bet. ONLINE CAPSA DRAWING CARD COMBINATION

Flush is a combination of cards with different numbers but the flowers must be the same. Comparison of cards of this type by seeing which card value is higher.

Straight is a combination of cards arranged with consecutive numbers but not necessarily with the same flower. This type of card will later be compared by looking at the flower on which card has higher value.

3 Of A kind is a combination of three cards with the same number and two free cards.

2 mix pairs between two pairs of pair cards & one free card as the kicker, if another player gets a card of this type the winner is determined by being pegged to the highest pair value.

1 Pair is a combination of a pair of cards that have the lowest value; when meeting with the same opponent the winning pair card is determined from the flower of each card

High Card is a combination of cards with the highest value, but this card is the lowest card. ONLINE CAPSA DRAWING CARD COMBINATION

Capsa Online

Capsa Online Basic

Playing capsa online can be a consideration for Those of you that want to attempt and find more money in the era of this Covid-19 pandemic. If you fully grasp the sport of poker, then it will definitely be easier for you to play with this capsa game. This capsa piling game, you just have to arrange cards to cards which have a fantastic value according to the cards that were dealt. Unlike poker, capsa is a sport that does not have a dealer.

When you want to acquire at the capsa online game. When you’ve got a win, you have to appear back at your balance. If you’ve got a large balance, immediately withdraw it so you don’t get lost when you want to play. The losing element is when you wish to bet a large nominal since you believe you have a lot of balance.

Capsa Online
Capsa Online

Capsa Online Betting Solution

Should you use a triumph and Eliminate system, you then will Be able to get a winner in this internet gambling game. And should you get lost, then don’t be discouraged.

Among those ways to Have the Ability to get that victory Is very simple, but some people often ignore the methods which have been prepared by online poker brokers who give wins in online gambling games. For the loss itself, usually comes when a gambler becomes annoyed and ends up selfishly betting a big nominal quantity.

When you want to wager, you also have to Check at Your own card, if it’s two levels that are better. You are required to have the ability to bet with moderate nominal amounts. But if you don’t get a fantastic card, then you should consider betting with a large nominal number.

And the final thing you need to know is that you Have to be able to detect an official and reliable agent so that you don’t fall Victim to fraud and you may also deposit with fear for items you don’t want.